Back To School


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Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new semester at ISU. This will be my second year after transferring from a two-year college. After the disaster that was Fall 2013, taking four classes two of which included Organic Chemistry and Physics, while working 37+ hours a week, I was in bad shape. Spring 2013, I turned it around, and got where I wanted to be, but not where I needed to be. With that major setback, it made me realize what I was good, and what I wasn’t good at.

A little flashback here…

My major has changed over the years from Math professor, to Graphic Design, to Pharmacy, to Medical Laboratory Science, and now Healthcare Administration or Health Information Management.

Although I’m great at math, I always have trouble with Analysis. Whether it be analytic math, chemistry, biology or whatever. Therefore, three out of the five above mentioned majors will NOT be in my favor, as much as I may love them. But because I love the administrative field, and I love health related fields, why not COMBINE the two!?

I’m supposed to be walking down the ramp to collect my diploma, and start my big girl life coming Spring 2015, but because of all these changes, that will not be happening anytime soon.

My main regret is allowing other people to influence my career path, and also attending a two-year college, and not having enough resources to determine the options that I had, and capitalize on them.

Fall 2014, be kind to me…

Happy back to school everyone!


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