My First Car!


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…and no question mark this time around, I actually got MY FIRST CAR!

While most people get their first cars at age 16 or 18, I got mine at almost 21 years old. I can say, it is definitely worth the wait and nightmare of having to rely on public transportation and people to get around!

I went to Springfield, IL via Amtrak to visit my sis and check out some cars, and I ended up driving the car back home that very same day. I originally planned on getting a black or silver Toyota, Hyundai, or Nissan, but instead I got something COMPLETELY different haha!




It is a Red 2009 Pontiac Vibe Sports HB. Got it for $11,200 w/ 45K miles.

I think God kept this one specially for me :)

After I become a very successful pharmacist in the future ;), I’m gonna get a car I’ve always wanted. A Cadillac! *crosses fingers*


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