Channel Your Inner Chef

Being a College girl isn’t all that glamorous, especially being a huge foodie like I am. I want to not live on only McDonald’s, and minute noodles. “Man shall not live by Big Mac and Ramen noodles alone, but by every dish created on earth for the betterment of college-kind.”  Yea, okay I made that up, but it should be written.

So, I researched the inter-web, is that a word?, and came across this food delivery/cook book style site that delivers food to your doorstep at a selected day of the week, every week, if you choose, with a cuisine of your choosing, and a picture, ALL the ingredients, and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare it for $9.95 per serving. Not bad right?It was a dream come reality for me. I always loved to cook, and experiment with food so this was perfect.

Here are six of my favorite dishes I’ve made so far…

If you want to try Home Chef, visit their site -> HERE <-to receive $30 off your first order!

With Fragrant Miso Broth, Bok Choy, and Fresno Chili

*first ever Home Chef order, and I fell in love…

With Fluffy Egg, Chili-Lime Sauce, and Tofu

With Vermicelli Noodles and Chili-Cucumber Vinaigrette


With a Robust Tomato and Thyme Sauce

With Green Bean Caprese Salad

With Asian Slaw and Sriracha Marinade20150110_185628

If you like any of these dishes and want the recipe, comment below!

DIY: Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

It’s 4th of July tomorrow, and who doesn’t wanna celebrate in style??

So, I was going through all my old pair of jeans, and found this particular one that once fitted me perfectly, now turned into ‘boyfriend’ jeans, and I’m like, Did I lose weight?? Anyways, I thought, why not turn it into a distressed boyfriend jeans??



 CAM01262 CAM01263

“So You’re My Girlfriend Now?”

After me and Soccer boy decided to end our apparently year long ‘feud’, we began talking via Skype and text message. We began to wonder how our respective families will think of this brewing relationship, and I hypothesized what my sisters will say.

Sister #1: Are you sure? Doesn’t he have a girlfriend?
Sister #2: Oh cool…
Sister #3: I guess but…

The next day, I proceeded to tell my sisters and my guesses weren’t too far off.

He began doubting his place in my family saying “wow I can’t believe they thought that about me.”

Somehow his whole mood changed when he texted me saying he had a chat with Sister#2, and then later asked “So you’re my girlfriend now?”

Say what now??

What I Like About You


Every girl has something, if not a long list, of qualities they look for in a guy, but mine is just short and sweet.

CONFIDENCE! Any guy who is confident about himself, and knows what he wants, is a winner in my book!

Turn off: constantly needing reassurance, and doubting himself. Nope!

PATIENCE. This also ties in with being confident. If he’s sure about what he wants, he won’t have to rush into anything. Plus it won’t come off as being creepy and stalker-ish.

Turn off: wanting to dive in head first. By that I mean, rushing into relationships, and not testing the waters.

Other qualities I admire is of course, being respectful, funny, good manners, great personality, and able to understand sarcasm. I’m a very sarcastic person.

But those two above mentioned are HUGE for me.

Meet Soccer Boy

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned him in my posts before, but it’s become relevant now.

First couple of months after I immigrated to the United States, Soccer boy has always been in my life. He and his family became close to my family, and I never saw him as anything other than a friend until that very day.

After my mom and dad finally got married last year? I think? Feelings somehow sprung up and it was when I realized that I might have a slight crush on him. I confronted him about it, and he proceeded to tell me how he’s felt all along__he’s always liked me right from the start__SAY WHAT NOW?

Fast forward to present day, things didn’t go as well as I thought it would’ve because I was informed he had a girlfriend. Granted that i should’ve confronted him about it, I cut him offbecause a; it had happened before, and b; coming from him, it hurt more.

However, it’s all, how do you say, water under the rug?? I don’t know these things.

Right now, we’re rekindling what we had, but I’m not fully there yet as I don’t really trust him, and he’s already calling me his girlfriend.

*face palm* 

Big Brother Breakdown

…of some sorts.

There’s this show that I’ve unhealthily been obsessed with called ‘Big Brother’

The cast of BB16:


bunch of weirdos.

The seven people remaining: Caleb a.k.a BMC, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine, Valerie i mean Victoria, and recent returnee, Nicole.

I have a love-hate relationship with these people, but honestly Zach Attack, the one with the neon sneakers, has completely won my heart.

I digress…

Finale is in less than 20? days away, and I CANNOT WAIT for this season to be over. This is my first summer watching BB, but I went ahead and binge-watched past seasons, even BBCAN, BBUK, and I’m waiting for BBAU to premiere. I can HONESTLY say this season has been…no words…

Needless to say, I can’t wait for a season worth watching where the actual BB game is being played, and not a bunch of cuddle sessions, bullying, trash talking, lip smacking and dumb choices. Although I do love a good show-mance here and there. 

Now I’m going to pretend that I have a degree in Psychology, and give my BBB (Big Brother Breakdown) on these characters of a cast based on what I see on the LIVE FEEDS NOT YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING.

Caleb – Resident Stalker Cowboy. Calls himself BMC (Beast Mode Cowboy). He despises the sound of his birth name coming from anyone’s mouth. After his whole “thing” with fellow southerner, Amber, he finally showed his true humorous character which is lovable and protective. He is EXTREMELY loyal…almost to a fault but not as much as Zach was, as that led to his demise. 

Derrick – Resident Cop. Smart-ass and sneaky. Lies when he has to, and covers his tracks when anyone tries to penetrate through the surface of his lies, like a true policeman. Now HE is playing BB. Behind the scenes, his remarks have been seen to be condescending at times, and he has some sort of authoritarian attribute to his personality. He still gets my vote.

Frankie – Resident Social Media Mogul. Never fails to remind you that his sister is THE Ariana Grande. Very egotistical, and thrives by the mentality that he is loved by EVERYONE. His snarky and distasteful remarks have believed me to think that he is indeed a sociopath, and will do whatever to get his way. He’s made it this far for reasons unknown, because he’s gotten swallowed alive in his lies, which he claims is the reasons he sends home others, but ends up skating by. His idea of a very good social game is to molest people with his over-the-top embraces. Social media mogul eh? Try upping your social game just a tad bit. If I didn’t know the true definition of a floater, he certainly fits the bill.

Cody – Resident Playboy. Will flirt with anything, and kills you with hugs. He’s actually a sweetheart, but is very insecure. Acts like a child when things don’t go his way, and complains about everything. He’s basically the Robin to Derrick’s Batman. Can’t make a decision to save his life without consulting his dad, Derrick. He sure is a daddy’s boy if you know what I mean 😉

Christine – Resident Cackler. Her laugh will send you straight into a seizure. She laughs at anything, funny or not, and she won’t let it go unnoticed. She claims she’s a christian, but I’ve never heard someone vocalize as much hateful and judgmental comments about EVERYTHING, as much as this person. Her game-play is BB good, but not so great. To think she was at the top of the joker’s rating earlier in the season…

Victoria – Resident Princess. She loves the attention a mirror gives to her she could marry it. Not much of a game-player, hasn’t had any attention from the show’s segments, other than her constantly being put on the block, and ripping up Zach’s…well her pink hat. She has to rely on someone to carry her through this game and who does she turn to? Papa Derrick of course, because he’s so trustworthy. Can someone spell GinaMarie?


Nicole – Resident Dingus. She is a smart and tough competitor, not so smart on the people she chooses to trust. Weird accent which drives me nuts in her diary room, and thinks everyone is always out to get her and bully her…In some cases true. She’s lovable, but because she’s the only girl worth winning the prize money, everyone is threatened, and she ends up being on the block to be eliminated TWICE.

So who’s my pick to win BB16? Derrick, Caleb, or Nicole, because they are the only ones left that has actually showed us a hint of hope for the Big Brother future game-play wise.

JUST FOR FUN: If you don’t watch Big Brother, just by their descriptions alone, can you tell which people I’m referring to, in the picture above?